My plans for the Future

The contemporary society is a rather cruel environment. Those, who are confident, experienced and wealthy, feel at home in it, but there are people who need help adjusting to the existing conditions, and those are social workers who provide them help and support. In my opinion, children are the most vulnerable group, the one that needs the most attention and efforts from the social workers. That is why I am going to work in a school setting after obtaining my MSW degree. Children, adolescents and adults are three different groups, and each of these has its specific needs.
That is, in my opinion, what triggers most of the conflicts in the school setting. The social worker’s goal is to provide an environment at school that would suit the needs of all of these age groups. I also feel it is important that the social worker should provide psychological support to both the students and working personnel, for to help to solve the existing problems, and to inform their clients on the preferable behavioral strategies for to prevent the emergence of similar conflicts in future.
It’s well known that the biggest part of problems students have roots in their family lives. A social worker in a school setting is providing individual and family counseling, for to assist in solving the problem. I feel I am capable of evaluating all of the aspects of problematic situation, of explaining my clients where the problem is, and of advising them on changing their behaviors. Thus, in my opinion, I would be able to cope in a school setting.

It is also that I’m sure that the disabled students should be given an opportunity to get the normal education. Adapting the ordinary schools to the needs of disabled students, and adapting the students to the needs of the schools’ environment is a challenging task. I feel that schoolers are a group that needs most assistance in adapting to the surrounding world. In the same time I know I am able of coping with the tasks this position calls for. I hope I will be able to obtain the degree needed for to reach my goal.


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