Need a internship Journal in 48 hours

Journal Entry #2: Mid-Term Adjustments (minimum 500 words).
1. Do you need to change any of your goals to state them in SMART terms?
2. What is your progress on your internship to date? Will you still be able to meet your original internship goals?
3. Do you need to change something to reach your original internship goals? Do you need to create new ones? If so, what will you change and what will be your new goals, action steps and/or deadlines? 
4. What are you doing well?
5. What obstacles have you encountered? What connections do they have to management principles or concepts? What potential solutions did you devise?  What were the pros and cons of each potential solution?  What solution did you choose and why?  What would you do differently the next time you encounter such a problem (i.e. what problem-solving techniques would you use)?

Answer each of the questions on the Journal Template. The Template should show your latest version of Journal Entry #1 and Journal Entry #2. Submit Journal Entry #2 on the Template.
Finish the Good managers questions as well. 


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