Need a research paper

  Due: 9/21/17 (disregard due date above) site isn’t working correctly won’t properly show the correct due date)

The research paper is based off the description following the questions below.
No set number of pages just write enough to answer the description and questions following the description. Thank you.



Decide on a type of product that you would like to buy or receive as a gift in the future.
Pick 3 alternatives (brands, styles, etc.) for instance if you decided on sneakers, what 3 brands/styles/colors would you consider
Go to the internet and search for information about your choices. (Amazon, Yelp, Ebay, Facebook. Read reviews and ratings. You can also ask your friends, family, experts, sales people
Make a decision based on your findings 


 Paper must include responses to the following questions:

What were the 3 products you picked to research.
What websites and/or social media did you use to do the research. Give
examples of ratings and/or comments about the products.
Did you talk to anyone directly about your choices (i.e. friends, family)
What did you learn from this research? Which product did you pick?
Which part of the information search was internal vs. external.



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