Need response done MAT 221 have to be 2 seperate answers details below

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7. Do you agree with how your classmates used the vocabulary? Did the student handle the negatives in the formulas accurately? 

Birthdate 3/27/1983
A=3; B= (-27); C=83 the numbers 3, -27, and 83 are integers because they are whole numbers or counting numbers. 
3^3 – (-27) ^3
In this problem a and b have exponents of 2
(3-(-27) (3^2+3*(-27) + (-27^2)
(3+27) (9+ (-81) + 54
30*-72 + 54=-2214
In this problem, numbers are represented as letters to be variable.
I think I did all these problems wrong.  

1. the following vocabulary words will be used to demonstrate knowledge and solution of the following math work.
Lowest Terms
For this exercise I will use my date of birth May 11 1977. I will use the Integers on my date of birth as follows:
A= 5
B= -11
C= 77
For part A I will use the following formula, notice that both Variables A and B use an Exponent to the third power.
125-(-1331) =1456
For part B I will use the given formula
(a-b) (a^2+ab+b^2)
(5-(-11)) (5^2+5(-11)+(-11)^2
(5+11) (25-55+121)
(16) (-30+121)
16(91)=1456 both results for part A and B are exactly the same.
For part C there are Divisors used within the mathematical problem
-88/-22-5 = -88/-27
The result is an improper fraction  at its Lowest term


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