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Explain some of the several meanings contained in the opening two shots of Juno (attached), especially in regard to how the film conveys basic storytelling information as well as how it evokes the main character’s state of mind. (200 words minimum)

Explain how a movie scene might synthesize elements of mise-en-scène, sound, narrative, and editing to intentionally construct and express meaning. (You may use a scene from a film to make your argument by discussing the various elements in that scene.) 200 words minimum.

Just as a classically structured narrative film is divided into three acts, every scene in a film is also composed of three acts.
Recount a scene from a film of your choice, NOT a full film (JUST A SCENE). Be sure to lay out the beginning (exposition), middle (rising action), and end (crisis, climax, resolution) of the entire scene, not just for a part of the scene. Note: A complete scene usually takes place in a single location. 200 words minimum.

Why isn’t it useful to rate the cinematic quality of a movie based solely on its kinetic intensity? You may compare and contrast two films to make your argument.) 200 words minimum.
What are some conclusions that can be reached concerning the editing of the opening sequence of City of God?
See the link to review the opening of the film:


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