The Human Resources Department at your facility has informed you (the HIM Department Director) that the HIM staff is the most culturally diverse staff in the facility. HR has asked you to provide a training session to other Department Directors on cultural diversity. They have specially asked you to:

Explain how to evaluate the culture of a department
To share your department’s policy on culture diversity
To provide information on diversity awareness

You have been given 30 minutes at the next Department Directors meeting to give your presentation. Create a Power Point presentation (minimum 15 slides not counting Title and Reference slides) that is audience ready with the use of speaker’s notes for your presentation.

(2) The EHR drchrono is a physician EHR. Think about how having physician EHR’s encourages interoperability. What data would you expect to see in the EHR? How would you expect that data to be formatted to promote interoperability? Write a paragraph (At least 300 words) that discusses interoperability, data, and data formatting that you would expect from drchrono.


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