Your final project consists of creating a paper with 8-15 pages of content explaining the strategy a real company might use to expand its operations or products into new, foreign market outside the company’s home country. The paper must use a formal writing style based on APA 6th edition.  The title page, table of contents, reference page or pages, and appendices are not included in the content page count.
Select one European, Asia-Pacific, or United States company for a thorough investigation.  You will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the company’s current strategic position and develop a strategic plan for expanding the company and/or a company’s product into a new, foreign market outside the company’s home country.  The company and/or the identified product cannot already be present in the foreign market.  You success in this assignment rests in your ability to research and the availability of company information. 
The paper must contain the following information, including the listed section headings. 
· Title Page
· Table of Contents (section heading)
· Introduction (section heading)
o Identify the country, company, company product, and foreign market 
o History of the firm and the foreign market
· Company & Environmental Analysis (section heading)
o PESTEL analysis
o Porter’s Five Forces Model analysis 
o VRIO framework analysis
o SWOT analysis
· Business Strategy (section heading)
o Foreign direct investment, strategic alliance or merger and acquisition (M&A)
· Summary/Conclusions (section heading)
· Recommendations (section heading)
· References (section heading)
· Appendices (if needed) (section heading)


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