Part 4

During the remaining weeks, write Chapter 2. Entitle it “Chapter 2: Research and Solutions.” Then type the heading,“Research.” In this section, present your review of the literature. Read carefully to distinguish between and understand causes and solutions. This research project will proceed more clearly and efficiently if you make this distinction at present. You should locate at least 15 research studies and/or articles that discuss problems identical to or similar to yours. You may include additional sources such as newspapers, Web sites,and others. Cite sources in text, and provide reference list entries in a section Generated: 10/7/2019 Page 6 of 11 entitled “References” at the end of Chapter 2. Remember that APA guidelines demand a reference list entry for each citation in text and vice versa. Do not merely generate one paragraph per study after another. Synthesize information from studies that are related to each other and to specific causes or aspects of your particular problem. Compare and Contrast information from the various authors. Move from the general to the specific. As much as possible,arrange your information so that it becomes increasingly focused on problems identical or very similar to yours. Type the heading,“Causative Analysis,” and explain the causes of your specific problem. Examine evidence and careful review of the literature. In this section, include discussion of only your problem. You probably will not need to cite sources here. Type the heading “Solutions.” Begin this section by repeating your problem statement exactly as you stated it previously. Then briefly evaluate the solutions you have found. Provide a critique in which you consider them from such perspectives as your power base, time, materials, staff,and other factors. Consider which of these solutions would be feasible in your work setting, with your target group, your resources, and your colleagues and administration. Now state solutions. Present them in a bulleted list. Conclude Chapter 2 with a thorough discussion of strategies that you will employ to implement your selected solutions/findings. Be sure to apply guidelines formulated by the American PsychologicalAssociation regarding citations in text, reference list entries,and writing style. Finally, generate a weekly Plan of Action for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Begin with the start date of your implementation, and specify the actions that you will take each week. Include the activities to be completed by the target group. Although this Plan is an essential toolat this point, it will not be included in the final product in CIT 0610.


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