Peered reviewed article psychology writing assignment

Select a research article from a peer-refereed journals (electronic or print) related to a subject/topic that is of interest to you and write a critical analysis of the article. Please use this  list of questionsPreview the document to help you in your critical analysis. For this exercise, I am not looking for a summary of what the researchers found, but rather, for your own interpretation of what was done, how it was done, was it appropriate or not, and why. You are advised to look at articles from counseling journals and may only go to other disciplines (with instructor approval) if there is a dearth of published research in your topic of interest. This paper must follow APA format, and it should be 4-5 pages long not including title page or reference page

Attached is a copy of the potential questions to include in the paper

This assignment is due 6/17/18 by 2200 Eastern standard time.  Please read the above instructions carefully for the assignments. 4-5 pages in APA format is required. 

Here are a few peered reviewed articles and their website you can choose to write on.


Squeglia, L. M., & Gray, K. M. (2016). Alcohol and Drug Use and the Developing Brain. Current Psychiatry Reports, 18(5), 46. doi:10.1007/s11920-016-0689-y


3. Shorey, R. C., Haynes, E., Brem, M., Florimbio, A. R., Grigorian, H., & Stuart, G. L. (2018).    Marijuana use is associated with intimate partner violence perpetration among men arrested for domestic violence. Translational Issues In Psychological Science, 4(1), 108-118. doi:10.1037/tps0000140

If none of these interest you, you can find another peered reviewed article about drugs or anything psychological to write about. Just keep in mind that it needs to be a peered reviewed article and list on reference page. 


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