Persuasive Essay

 Students will have to write and submit a 500- to 800-word essay on one of the items listed below. The persuasive essay will have to offer an in-depth investigation of the topic complete with excellent spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Students are expected to apply primary and/or secondary research in their investigation. In-text citations and references must be in APA style. The topic will offer a strong relationship to the field of digital marketing. Students may apply their chapter readings to their essay as support for their arguments and include examples. 
Please choose one of the following cases for your essay. Explore the brand’s digital health (i.e., website design, web presence, social media platforms, app developments, digital shopping experience, etc.) and argue your point of view as to whether or not the brand can approach a different route to maintain its market value against online competitors. Explain your position in detail and apply supportive arguments. 
1. GoPro
2. Best Buy
3. KFC
4. McDonald’s


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