In this assignment, you will identify the topic for your final project. It is brief, but it requires some critical thinking and a little research.  Use the following instructions as your checklist before submitting and review the samples provided if you need to (the samples are only illustrative; it doesn’t mean that they both meet all requirements, you can always do better).
___First, identify a moral issue in your LOCAL community. You may find this in a number of ways, including direct experience in your local community, a local newspaper, local radio, etc.  By “local” it is meant in your city of residence or even within your state.
___Second, in a paper of at least 400 words long explain how the issue you have chosen is a moral issue.  Somewhere in your paper you would state “this is a moral issue because…”  The general framework created in the first week of the semester should provide you with a strong foundation to determine adequately what constitutes a moral issue.
___Third, provide at least two references that show how you will be able to do research on this issue.
___Fourth, the very first paragraph in your paper should clearly identify the issue.
___Submit turnitin


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