Philosophy class

Answer questions / reflection log 2 paragraphs

1. Name and describe each of the three arguments for god’s existence.

2. For each of the three arguments for god’s existence, name at least one problem with it as explained in the text.

3. Which of the three arguments for god’s existence do you find most convincing? Do you believe it is able to overcome the objection to it that you mentioned in (2) above? Why or why not?

4. Explain Marx’s critique of religion. Do you agree with his reasoning? Why or why not?

5. What is ‘existentialism’? Which philosophers are existentialists that you read about?

6. What belief did Kierkegaard hold that was different from the other philosophers discussed in the chapter? How can he hold this belief and still be an existentialist?

7. What does ‘will to power’ mean? Which philosopher coined this phrase?

8. What does ‘existence precedes essence’ mean? Which philosopher coined this phrase?

9. What does Sartre mean when he says we are ‘condemned to freedom’?

Reflection log 2 paragraphs 

In this section, you have read about the problem of evil. This problem was first contemplated in writing by St. Augustine during the medieval period and is still very much a relevant philosophical question concerning religion. The problem is this – How can a good and loving god, who is perfectly just and who has all of the characteristics we attribute to him, allow evil to exist?

Do you believe the problem of evil can be resolved? Why or why not? What does your answer suggest to you about the nature of religious belief? Discuss your answers fully.



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