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I need an essay answer for this Q In the 1967 interview with NBC, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. engages in conversation with an NBC reporter, Sander Vanocur. While some of the conversation refers to the specific history of events in the Civil Rights Movement, much of the conversation is theoretical. There are two arguments which King makes which are provocative: the first is that he makes the argument that there is a particularity to the black American experience, as immigrants, that other immigrant (and even other minority groups) do not share. Explain King’s argument and evaluate his reasoning thereof. Further, he also makes the argument that racial integration and racial justice has only gotten “so far” because gains only went so far as there was not significant cost. Explain King’s argument hereof and evaluate as well.
After u watch this interview
No recourses write it by your own , no plargism please . 


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