Power Point presentation

create and deliver a thirty-minute power point presentation of their Team Project Assignment. The purpose of this assignment is for the team to combine the project management skills and tools learned throughout the course with the Six Thinking Hats approach. 
Please organize your presentation by the following:

Title section (name of the project and team members)
Team Dynamics (explain how you build a rapport and cohesiveness, SWOT, organized your time, Six Thinking Hats)
Problem Statement (explain the project topic/issue and why you need to conduct project management)
Project Charter (what, why, who, when, and how)
Project Objectives (SMART, quality, organization, communication)
Stakeholder Analysis (Guide to Project Management)
Work Breakdown Schedule (Guide to Project Management)
Gantt Chart (Guide to Project Management)
Climate of Motivation (Progress Principle, Guide to Project Management)
Decision Making (Six Thinking Hats, The Go Point)
Communication (Progress Principle, Guide to Project Management)
Results/ Evaluation (Guide to Project Management)
Lessons Learned (Guide to Project Management)
Conclusion (Re-cap Problem Statement and 4 Phases of Project Management)


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