profile writing ( underdog theme ) Niki Lauda

Theme is being underdog. Person is former f1 pilot NIKI LAUDA. It will be about how he turned back from a bad injury which is a burned face. Chose a person, place or thing that speaks to your notion of our chosen theme and write a 3-5 page paper profiling that subject. Remember, a profile serves as a picture that captures some defining characteristics, it does not necessarily attempt to portray a fully realized biography of the subject. You should focus on one aspect (its failures/achievements) and explore that through a combination of observations and research (most of which might be first or second hand, depending on your subject).
If your subject is not nationally known or historic, you may not find material directly relating to your subject but you should still look for secondary research to support your profile by examining the larger class or category that your subject falls into. For example, if you interview your cousin who is a nurse maybe you would like to research the field of nursing and find interesting statistics on the hours worked and salaries earned by nurses in our country, or a compelling quote about the role of nurses in our society.
This assignment should be written as a newspaper/magazine article. This means that one of your first steps is in choosing a periodical that you are writing for. From there, try to key on the audience of that particular source and write with them in mind. 


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