psychology discussion question

 Using the following format (a., b, etc. in separate paragraphs & include each part of the prompt, too – thanks):
a. In YOUR OWN WORDS, describe each of the four parenting styles developed by Diana Baumrind. (2-3 substantive sentences PERparenting style.)          4 points
b. Which parenting style did your parent(s)/caregiver etc. use with you? If you had two parents and they each had a different style than choose one. ALSO, DESCRIBE TWO (2) SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD THAT DEMONSTRATE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THE PARTICULAR STYLE ENTAILS. In other words, you can’t just describe two examples. You also need to explain how that example(s) typifies the parenting style.  (3-4 substantive sentences PER example).            8 points
c. If or when you decide to have a child, which parenting style will you most likely use & WHY? IF you never plan on having children then answer this portion of the prompt AS IF you did or would have a child. (3-4 substantive sentences)                 2 points


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