Purchasing Behaviours of Three Major Races in Malaysia

INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT III Name: FAWWAZ AIMAN SAKARIA Student Id: 2012645664 Programme: BBA (Hons) Marketing Part: 3 Course: Understanding Consumer (MKT531) Lecturer: Mdm Sharifah Nurafizah Date: 16/11/2012 Answers There are only few differences that can be found on the three major races of Malaysia (Malays, Chinese and Indians) in terms of purchasing behaviour. Based on the household expenses, the Malays purchasing behaviour are influenced by the Islamic religions needs and regulations which concern on the ‘HALAL’ label of the product.
Islam constitution plays roles in the daily life of the Muslims. In addition, the Malays are quite incompetent in handling product and market information which may result in the confusion and information overload. From the perspective as consumers, Malays shows much interest in acquiring technologically produced and high quality products, without being materialistic or conspicuous buying.
Chinese is the second largest groups in Malaysia and they are viewed as the powerful economics compare to the other two groups. For the Chinese, it’s important to conduct wide information achievement to reduce the uncertainty purchases. The self-pride also play the important roles for the Chinese to decide on their products purchasing. For instance, the more expensive of the products, the more it reflects to the wealthy and level of socials of that person.

Indians in Malaysia has quite similar with the Malaysians Chinese buying behaviour but they are viewed as a high degree in product value orientation. Indian consumers are also concerned with the values of natural, care and affection. These values are far more dominant that values expensive and social level purchasing style. The preference for the Indians is more to the traditional products value rather than buying the technology invented products. (253 WORDS)


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