QSO 635

    I have chose Caterpillar Inc as a company
Overview: The milestone assignments in this course directly support you in the completion of your final project, a location justification report. Consider the instructor feedback that you received on your Module One journal assignment, the assignment in which you determined the organization you wanted to research and determined the distribution channels and virtual supply chain that your organization must work through. 
Prompt: In this assignment, the organization you previously selected is seeking to expand internationally. You will need to research and recommend either Russia or South Korea for your organization’s new international facility. You will analyze the supply chain operations for your selected organization in more depth, identify factors that will affect your decision, and use a factor rating method (FRM) on these factors to support your location recommendations. 
Responding to the following guided questions will help you begin to develop ideas about course concepts in relation to the Organization Analysis and Facility Location critical elements within your final project. 
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

Organization Analysis: In this section, you will analyze an organization’s current business planning functions to help inform the logistics of a new international facility.

Material requirement planning system: What material requirement planning system is currently used by this organization? How is this system being used to reduce costs and increase delivery across the supply chain?
Forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling: How are forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling being used as planning functions within this organization? Provide specific examples of this.
Current planning functions: How can this organization use current planning functions to help inform the logistics of a new international facility (i.e., reduce investments in preparation of an international expansion)? Provide specific examples.

Facility Location: In this section, you will recommend the location site for the organization’s new international facility. You will use the FRM to support your recommendation.

Important factors: What are the most important factors that will affect your location decision? What is the importance of each of these factors from an international supply chain management perspective?
Ranking: What weight have you assigned to each factor (according to its priority to the organization)? Why did you assign these rankings to each factor?
Factor Rating Method: What location are you recommending for the new international facility? How did your findings from the FRM influence the location you selected?

Guidelines for Submission: Your assignment should adhere to the following formatting requirements: Write 4 to 5 double-spaced pages using 12-point Times 
New Roman font and one-inch margins. You should use current APA style guidelines for your citations and reference list. 


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