WK 5 – DQ 1
Strategy Model
Insert prompt here. Review the strategy models given in your text and please watch the SWOT analysis: How to do a SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, Porter 5 forces analysis video. Discuss the following questions:
· What model reflects your organization’s structure (or the structure of a company you are analyzing in your Capstone Project)? How does that structure help achieve strategic initiatives?
· Considering the structure used, how does that structure impact decision-making?
· What kind of integration mechanisms does your company use? Why do you think these mechanisms are used? Are they effective?
· What changes would you make to your company so that it is more effective and flexible? Why?

WK 5 – DQ 2
Corporate Parent
Please review the article “Corporate Governance and Market Performance of Parent Firms Following Equity Carve-Out” and watch the video Parent Company Guarantees, Kirsty Barnes – ThinkHouse September 2011.
Identify and research an organization that fits into the definition of a corporate parent. Describe three types of opportunities through which the organization could add value beyond the sum of its separate businesses. Discuss the concept of parent company guarantee as it relates to your chosen company. Please ensure to use two outside sources. 


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