Question 3.10

 Question 3.10 The question is What is Cloud Computing?
Complete Review Question 3.10 on page 96 in the Connolly text. Include a description of the 3 service models defined by NIST.
– Which cloud computing benefit do you feel is the most important and why?
– Which cloud computing risk do you feel is the most important and why?

Include the questions with your answers
The submission should be well organized, demonstrate your understanding of the assigned material and be in the order of ~1,000+ words in length.
Your submission must be original, include supporting sentences using the terms, concepts, and theories with the page number or website from the required readings or other material. Your submission should paraphrase the material you reference, restrict your use of direct quotes (copy and paste) to less than 20% of the submission (the grade will be impacted if you exceed this limit).

Name your document Last Name_Assignment2 (i.e. Smith_Assignment2).

 The following rubric will be used to grade Part B of the submission:
Synthesis of Concepts
   Response to Question 3.10                        20%
   Response to cloud benefit                         10%
   Response to cloud risk                              10%
Writing Org/Clarity/Spelling/APA                     10%
(-1 point for each misspelled word, may exceed 10%)
Total                                                         50%         


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