Raw- Power

It could be from being born into families with royalty or wealth, or having the ability to influence or control the behavior of a person. Power is a fundamental theme throughout the novel “Raw” as It Is outlined in the novel by quoting “Concentration camps” and “Gun-toting guards“. Through this, It Is evident that Brett equates power with these Images but by the end of the novel, he learns that power is not merely vested Institutions but may come from within.
The theme of power is first introduced In the story when the author uses symbolism. From the quote “the red and blue lights of a police car”, we witness the tension between the individual and the powerful authorities. The theme of power Is also highlighted In the novel when the police do not call young offenders Like Brett by their own name. “This one”, “Pigs”, “No hoppers”, “The prisoner” are Indeed language used by both authorities and offenders, Indicates much about attitude and deserve close attention.
The police are spoken In derogative terms and the police also do the same. Names do matter but in the novel, we see that the individuals are reduced to types. By not using names, the individual is more demoralized and a more powerful stance may be achieved. Although it seems like all power comes from the authority, Tyson and the others also offer another source of power. This can be seen when Brett quotes “l don’t think this is working”. Through this, it is evident that Tyson provides illegitimate power in that they are powerful through sheer force and aggression.

Their presence seems to suggest to Brett that reform institutions so not work. Monk also tries to offer a more realistic image of the institution. “Even in here he couldn’t escape”, demonstrates that the drug dealing continues. While there may be flaws in the system, individuals such as Sam are genuine in their efforts to provide a second chance for offenders who have previously been in trouble with society. Monk also offers a real setting which does fail for some individuals such as Tyson. This makes Beret’s possible bright future all the more a victory.


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