Reaction Paper No. 1: Comparing Early Jazz To Snarky Puppy

Paper No. 1 (September 14th) Length: 500 words. Please proofread and grammar-check your reaction paper before handing it in. Your responses should reflect an essay parsed into three or four (3–4) well-constructed paragraphs, not numbered sentences.


CONTEXT: Identifying what the face of jazz music is today in comparison with jazz between 1925 and 1955. Listen to Snarky Puppy: How to Make Music for Both Brain and Booty  on NPR’s Jazz Night in America. Take notes on the instructional commentary given before and after each of the selections. Using music terms, identify five (5) characteristics about the music, the techniques used to create it, the instruments, or musicians that you find remarkable, notable, amazing, unique, unusual or even bizarre. How does Snarky Puppy’s music compare to the jazz works you have studied to date? Use specific titles, names of musician’s, styles to focus your comparison. Close with your overall impression of Snarky Puppy’s music but select the one tune that appealed the most (“spoke”) to you and state why it did.


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