Research paper of 10 pages along with powerpoint presentation

  Topic: Hardware Firewalls
· Investigate how that type of firewall works.
· Investigate the vendors that provide that type of firewall. Is there a top vendor for that type?
· Investigate what types of situations are best suited for that type of firewall. What situations is it not well suited for?
· What other types of firewalls work best in conjunction with that type? Are there types that it does not work well with?
· What are the pros and cons of that type of firewall?
Research Paper Format
· The paper must be in the APA format
· At least ten pages in length plus cover, abstract and references.
· Graphs, illustrations, and spreadsheets are allowed, but will not count toward the 10-page requirement.

Research Paper must have      at least 5 works cited of which 2 must be peer-reviewed works/articles      (note your book can be included as a reference)

PowerPoint Presentation
· 30-minute team presentation with PowerPoint slides (All participants must present a topic). 
· Must align with your paper
· Provides the highlights of your paper


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