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This is why investment in education is considered to be vital for human resource development and the enhancement of the quality of manpower. It is clear that the composition and characteristics of this most crucial part of population goes along the way in the process of national velveteen of the policy makers and planners in their planning and decision making for the future. According to the Law, every child must attend a formal school were he/she wants. The government should ensure and support the education of every child. That’s why the Department of Education offers free education to all.
But this is not really applied by other institutions for they are concern on the salary of the teachers especially in private school. Public schools offer free tuition for enrollment for elementary but also in High School students. This may count for high enrollment in schools, although he enrollment has a high result, many poor families in unable to finance the ancillary school needs of their children. The reason why out of school youth happens because of the problems in the family that forces a teenager to work early that they shouldn’t be.
Department of Education has now a program for out of school youth which is the Alternative Learning System (AL S) in which all the non-scholars are given opportunity to pursue schooling. And even for those who are already married, they can still attend this program if they want to have a certificate that will help them find a better job. Also, for those who are dropped out in Elementary’ and Secondary School may have a chance to attend the Tertiary level by passing the examination.

SUMMARY The study entitled “Percentage of Out of School Youth in the year 201 1” who availed the ALAS program of Department of Education, aimed to determine the percentage of Out of School Youth. What are the factors that affect them to be dropped and what is their highest educational attainment. The respondents in this study have a total of 30 youth. Out of this are 21 males and 9 females. To gather data, we conducted a questionnaire to the respondents. The data gathered were properly analyzed and interpreted accordingly.
The statistical measures used were frequency and rank form. FINDINGS 18 out of 30 respondents attained in Secondary 6 out of 30 respondents are employed 4 out of 30 respondents attained in Tertiary 2 out of 30 respondents attained in Elementary Almost all the respondents want to continue their studies with the help of the program of Department of Education.


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