Restaurant ADA

Visit a restaurant, diner, pizza parlor, or another food restaurant and imagine what it would be like if you were in a wheelchair. You will complete the survey provided. Responses should be clear and informative. If the assignment includes errors in sentence structure, spelling etc. Points will be deducted. You will need a tape measure for this assignment.
If appropriate, introduce ourselves to the restaurant manager and explain the purpose of your assignment. Directions for submission are located in the overview. Introductory Paragraph: Include the name of the restaurant, location, and why you selected this particular restaurant. (2 points) The restaurant I picked was Noshes De Colombia in Englewood, NJ. The reason landed on this restaurant is because I know the manager there and it was easy for me to explain to him on what I was doing. The restaurant is by my hometown, so I figured would visit my family, get good food and complete this assignment.
Restaurant Requirements (2 points) a. Is the top of the table or counter between 28 and 34 inches above the floor? What is it? Yes it is. Measurement: 30 inches b. Are all aisles between fixed tables at least 36 inches wide? What is it? Yes it is. Measurement: 38 inches c. Do seating spaces provided for wheelchair users have at least a 30 by 48 inch clear floor space which adjoins an accessible route? How much? Yes it is. Measurement: 35 inches d. Summary of what you found It was pretty noticeable that they meet the requirements for handicap/ wheelchair individuals inside the restaurant.

Doing the measurements weren’t difficult. Curb Ramps (2 points) a. Is there a curb ramp wherever an accessible route crosses a curb? (e. G. Street or parking lot) Describe where. Yes, before you walk in the restaurant in the parking lot in front of the handicap parking spaces. B. Is the curb ramp at least 36 inches wide? How wide? No it wasn’t it measured out to be 35 inches. C. Are the curb ramps protected so that they will not be obstructed by parking vehicles? Describe Yes there is an aisle for people to walk up and down. When it comes to curbs, everything was where it was suppose to. Fortunately, the curb ramp wasn’t at least 36 inches wide. Bathrooms (2 points) a. Are the bathrooms located on an accessible route? Describe. Yes, the bathrooms are located in the front of the restaurant with a clear accessible route. B. If there are toilet stalls, is one at least 60 inches wide? Explain. Yes there is, in both bathrooms there is a handicap accessible stall over 60 inches wide. C. Is there a turning space (60 inch diameter circle or T-shaped space) in the bathroom space? Explain. Yes, there is enough room for wheelchairs to complete a circle. D.
Does the door swing not intrude into the clear floor space? Explain. No it doesn’t, when the door swings in, there is still more than enough room. E. Does the stall door swing into the stall? Is there additional space to maneuver? Explain. Yes it does, but there is still more than enough room. F. Are the soap dispenser and paper towels accessible for someone In a wheelchair? Explain. Unfortunately it doesn’t, it is too high for someone in a wheelchair to reach. G. Summary of what you found When it comes to the restrooms, it was very accessible for individuals in wheelchairs.
The only downfall was the soap dispensers. Parking Area (2 a. Is there handicapped parking available? Describe. Yes, there are a couple of spots by the front entrance. B. Is anyone parked in a handicapped space that is not supposed to be there? Explain. Not when I was there c. Summary of what you found When it comes to the parking lot, there where no downfalls. Closing Paragraph: Summarize your experience and reflect on what you have learned. This should be sincere and offer personal insight into how you now perceive the challenge a person in a wheelchair might have. Include the impact of DAD (10 points)
The restaurant I picked was very accessible for wheelchairs. Unfortunately, the soap dispensers were to high up. When thinking about being in a wheelchair could only imagine the amount of frustration they must go through especially if a restaurant or any place isn’t too accessible. Everyday is a struggle for them and after doing this assignment I wish could do something so that all places are more handicap friendly. Doing this assignment was stressful knowing there are a lot of requirements but my heart goes out to all persons in a wheelchair because know how frustrating it can be.


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