Role Set Analysis

?Role Set Analysis is a method that helps people to think through what is expected of them and they could clash and cause other issues. This method helps managers to check whether or not they are using time effectively. It compares existing procedures with current priorities. By using this method it can help to show what the end objective of the job being analyzed should be. There are many advantages of using the Role Set Analysis. It is easy to apply or update, it assists managers to ask certain questions of themselves about their priorities and objectives.
It can also work with a group or team to see if the activities that are being done need to be changed and lastly, it can be used for a entire department or organization to make sure they have the correct resources in the correct places. This process uses a market research approach to a particular job. The data that is collected consists of the expectations of the main individuals or groups that communicates with the person. The main question that needs to be asked is “What do others expect from me? ” instead of “What should I be doing? ” The first step is to accomplish is to identify what the main elements in the role set are.
The next step is to combined the data and the pressures into a logical form. This is done by creating a flow chart to make it easier to review and understand. Once this is completed, the next step is to that the time and priorities that are allocated to each element in the role set is in line with what is actually needed. This can be done effectively by keeping a daily log of what their daily tasks are for a couple of days. This information can be compared with what is being reviewed for change. This information will help to ensure that the analysis that has been created is going to be effective.


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