Safeguarding: Childhood and Young People

Portfolio Evidence 10 Safeguarding Describe how legislation, policies and procedures regarding safeguarding impact on own role in the workplace As a youth worker I have the obligation in my role to know policies and procedures that are in place for safeguarding. Taking into consideration the five outcomes identified by Every Child Matters 1. Protection from harm and neglect (to stay safe) 2. Physical and mental health and emotional well-being (to be healthy) 3.
Education training and recreation (to enjoy and achieve) 4. Social and economic well being (to achieve economic well being) 5. The contribution made by them to society (to make a positive contribution) It is vital that every person who works with children and young people should be able to recognise and know how to respond should they be concerned or be aware that a child is, or may be, at risk of significant harm. The policy highlights key issues and recommends actions when dealing with an allegation.
These key issues include recruitment policies for those working with children and young people, their induction and training, how to respond to disclosures, how to make a referral, suspicions or allegations of abuse. These policies and procedures are there to protect me and colleague’s as well young people. Describe the issues which may arise in implementing safeguarding procedures * I could have a too good relationship or not have a good relationship with the young person. * I might not have enough knowledge about the situation * People being reported are close to me.


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