Short paper

 Analyze a health scenario using reference value data.
1)  accurately identify and describe the components of the physical examination 
2)  provide clear answers that demonstrate an understanding of the blood pressure measurement, blood pressure values, and risks associated with abnormal blood pressure values 
3)  accurately identify the tests performed and provides a clear explanation of why at least one of the tests was ordered; and explain what the results of the test indicates 
4)  accurately compare patient and normal test values; accurately select at least one abnormal test value and explain the potential health concern related to the result 
5)  accurately identify the imaging procedures performed on the patient; compare and contrast these procedures; and explain the results of the patients imaging procedures 
6)  Accurately define medical terms and their meaning as well as discusses Mr. Smith’s condition, how the laboratory or imaging tests helped with drawing a conclusion or making the diagnosis.Accurately discusse how medical providers use the scientific method to come to work through the examination and diagnosis of a patient. 
7)  properly cite all resources using APA format 
8)  no errors of grammar, punctuation, and/or spelling; all responses written in student’s own words 
 NO PLAGARISM AT ALL! MUST BE ORIGINAL!! I need this done by Sunday please. This is for anatomy and biology. If there are any questions, please ask. 


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