Simon Birch

Simon Birch Simon Birch an underdeveloped child has become best friends with a kid named Joe. Simon was sometimes picked on by the other kids because of his condition, but he ignored them and kept to himself. Simon has strong faith in God and wasn’t afraid to show it, if he didn’t think something was right about the church or about someone’s actions towards the Bible, he wasn’t afraid to tell you. Simon kept telling people that he was made the way he was because God has a plan for him and that he would become a hero, but no one believed him.
Simon’s best friend Joe had some faith in God but definitely not as much as Simon did. They would go to church but it didn’t look like they were to into it. The two had been friends for a long time and Simon had inspired Joe in his faith and in many other things as well. Simon later found out that God did make him the size he is for a reason, and he was a hero. He had saved all the kids from the bus that had crashed into the lake. Many people have doubted Simon and his abilities and he has proved them wrong every time.
After Simon had saved the kids from the bus he had unfortunately passed away but he will never be forgotten. Simon has inspired faith in Joe by showing him that no matter what happens to you or how you look God has a plan for everybody and that you should never give up and never stop believing in yourself. Joe has seen God in a new way and now understands Simon’s passion for religion. Faith is not seeing but believing and Simon had all the faith that a little kid could and now thanks to Simon Joe has the same faith in God that his best friend Simon did.

Joe is not the only person that Simon has inspired and developed faith in. Simon has greatly developed faith in me and my peers by showing us the true values of life and no matter what people say, think, or do, God has made you the way you are for a reason and in one what or another everyone will become a hero. In the movie Simon clearly demonstrates his knowledge of the bible and inspires hope in many other kids that are small like him who do not have very much self confidence. Simon shows how he can take charge and be a leader.
Simon Birch has opened my eyes and taught me that judging people is wrong and that looks can be deceiving. Simon has greatly enriched my opinion on God and I know that he had made a huge impact on other kids and adults across the world. Simon Birch will live in the lives of many for ever and ever, this little boy was a hero and will forever rest knowing that he had completed Gods plan and fulfilling the scripture. Simon Birch 1. Simon Birch was different because he was born with a condition that made him shorter that other kids his age. 2.
Simon’s best friend is Joe 3. Simon liked to play baseball 4. Simon’s friend Joe lived with his mother and grandmother in the grandmother’s house because she was wealthy. 5. Ben was a kind, generous and caring person. He had black hair and was tall. 6. In Ben’s bag there was a stuffed Armadillo. 7. Simon had no relationship with his parents because his parents didn’t care about him. 8. Joe wants to know about his real dad. 9. Miss Wentworth made Simon a sweater that was just his size. 10. In church Simon was disruptive to the priest by talking out of turn. 1.
I think that Simon and Joe are friends because they both know what it feels like to be outcasts and they both like baseball. 2. Simon’s character is courageous, adventurous, friendly and loyal. He has a strong relationship with God and has lots of faith. 3. Simon thought that his purpose in life was to help other people and that he was going to be a hero and that God made him the way he was for a reason. 4. Joe’s grandmother told him that he would have to start looking after himself because she wasn’t going to be around much longer. 5. Joe felt that he had to find his real dad.


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