Social Structure Theory Paper

Statistically, people in one social environment do end to behave differently from people in a very different environment. Social structure are patterns that reflect our everyday lives. Poor people are viewed as the main ones quick to commit crimes. Cultural deviance leads, for example, to the formation of well-organized gangs. If poor behavior in younger children is pointed out early and seek help in advance the problem should be prevented. Most violent behavior with children begin at home then occurs next in school.
Young children experiencing delinquent behavior should be seen by a psychiatrist to diagnosis the issues. I am going to discuss n the last part of this paper, what are some possible ramifications for this social policy change. The video that I have chosen for this paper is the “Senseless Hate Crime” to best fit with my agreements of the social structure theory being the main reason for criminality evolving. Social structure theory is defined as unfavorable circumstances among the economic class being the main concern of crimes occurring. Crime occurs when people are frustrated by the lack of financial success.
Some people who are under stress turn to crime, but negative emotions may build up. It is armor that most young adults who are fresh in college will experience doing drugs or drinking alcohol. Running head: SOCIAL STRUCTURE THEORY PAPER 3 Most young adults that become drug or alcohol addicts must have their substance. If addicts are without their substance he/she will do whatever comes to his/her mind. In the video “Senseless Hate Crime” on July 2, 1 990, a man named Julio Riviera was killed by a gang known as DMS because he was gay. Riviera was a considered a peaceful man that worked as a bar tender.

Riviera was loved by his community and he was trying to escape the violence n the streets in Queens, New York. There were three guys that killed Riviera in a schoolyard in Queens, New York. One of the top suspects was 21 year old Daniel Doyle who was a college student that became a violent person in college. Doyle became addicted to drugs and would tease other students at school. He was raised by his parents who raised him to be a respectful and responsible adult. His behavior had changed and Doyle became involved in a gang known as Doc Martens Skinheads.
Erik Brown twenty-one years of age and Seat Basic twenty years of age both help brutally murder Julio Riviera. Doyle along with his two friends were out drinking at his house and they left headed out to kill whoever they could find as a target. They ended up finding Mr.. Riviera hanging out and he became their victim. This film was selected because it explains the causes of how an innocent life can be taken. Mr.. River did not know that he was a target to someone murdering him. His life was taken due to irresponsible young adults who abused drug and alcohol.
Doyle and his friends chose to join a gang that would forever destroy their lives as young adults. According to Christian Parents says that, “when crime is a reusing issue, community infiltration frequently focuses on stopping the violence rather than on broader questions of social justice and economic redistribution” (2000). Mr.. Riviera was a man that was innocently killed by violent young adults, who were under the influence of alcohol. 4 The people in Queens, New Horal felt that the case should have been classified as a hate crime, but Mr.. Riviera autopsy reports revealed he had drugs found in his body.
Mr.. River’s case was a very disturbing case especially for his family, they believe justice was served, but it took a while for it to occur. The case should have automatically been reviewed as a hate crime. The people of Queens, New York, felt that it was wrong for Doyle and his two friends to have killed Mr.. Riviera for no apparent reason. Law enforcers had to investigate the case a second time to make determination on what to label the case under. His family wanted the right kind of justice served for their victim’s murder. The people of Queens, New York believed the case should be considered a hate crime.
Doyle testified in court and informed the court that he came up with the idea to kill whoever he could find as a target. Doyle and his two rinds ended up meeting up with Mr.. Riviera. Mr.. Riviera did not assume that his life would come to end on July 2, 1990. River’s family were in disbelief that Mr.. Riviera was announced dead due to his sexual status. His sister-in-law Peg Riviera did not believe Mr.. Riviera was not just murdered for doing anything wrong. She did not get to meet her brother-in-law until after 15 years. She would go and visit the bar that he loved and worked. She pointed out that Mr.. Riviera was well liked man in Queens, New York.
The people eventually began to fight back for what they believed about Mr.. River’s case as a hate crime. The people of Queens, New York, protested until the authorities reviewed the case again before finalizing a decision. 5 According to Payday Halyard and Steve Combs states that, “For it is clear that various forms of harms are not distributed randomly, but fall upon people of different social classes, genders, degrees of able-bodiless, racial and ethnic groups, different ages, sexual preferences, and so on” (2007). Mr.. River’s lost his life because he was gay, but he is still considered a human that is attractive to the same sex.
Everyone has the freedom of speech, to believe in what they want to believe n, and rights that are protected that cannot be violated. We as people cannot do not have control over other people’s sexual status. Gay, lesbians, and other homosexuals should not be treated any differently than normal human beings. Those that are homosexuals believe in dating the same sex instead of opposite sex. No one should not be murdered because of their sexual status. People that target homosexuals should be given life behind bars without the possibility of parole. Mr.. Riviera was picked on by three irresponsible and uncaring young adults.
He deserved to be accepted no matter what he lived in. They are old enough to know that people have feelings and their feelings should matter. Innocent people that are killed because of their sexual status deserves the right kind of justice. Everybody is different in every way, but we all should be able to come together as one in this world. Homosexuality is not a crime and the police cannot arrest anyone for being gay. Homosexuals should be respected because it provides happiness to the couples. If homosexuals are not being respected their rights are being violated. Homosexuals are entitled to make considerations as straight people.
They do not have to hide their identity because they represent themselves. They are people who are ready to adopt new ways of doing things. It is a fact that homosexuality is role portrayed in every society. Homosexuals are main targets that are being bullied by other people who are against their beliefs. 6 Conclusion Based from the video “Senseless Hate Crime” a homosexual man named Julio Riviera was killed because of his homosexuality. Three young adults decided to kill an innocent person whoever they saw first as a target. Doyle was the main suspect in Mr.. River’s case. Mr..
Riviera did not bother no and e work in a bar as bar tender. On July 2, 1990, Mr.. River’s life was taken and his death left a toll in the city of Queens, New York. Doyle and two of his companions were drunk at his house party and headed out to take an innocent life. Doyle and his companions did not care who they targeted. Their minds were set on killing somebody. In this case Doyle should have receive life behind bars without the possibility of parole or the death penalty. Doyle and his companions violated Mr.. River’s right. They abused his homosexuality rights as being accepted as a homosexual.
They are young adults with maturing minds, but they did not have to target anyone as a victim. They were drunk and Doyle knows how his attitude gets when he is under the influence of too much alcohol. Doyle peer pressured his two companions into murdering someone, but they all were responsible for their own actions. Mr.. Riviera was only hated by Doyle and his two companions. The saying is friends do not let other friends drink alcohol. If Dole’s friend really cared for him as a friend they would have tried to change Doll?s mind about his idea. Dole’s friend could tried to reach out for help if he tried to effuse their help.


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