Software Development WBS – MS Project Required.

Discuss your project scheduled plan. Develop your project WBS and schedule with dependency relationships, durations, dates, resource assignments, etc. using MS Project and format your project schedule and copy and paste in this section. You may also submit the MS Project 2010 file and reference it here. Make sure the file or the copy and paste view used are formatted with views to show the following columns:
· Project WBS identifier
· Project Task Description
· Task Duration
· Task Start Date
· Task Finish Date
· Task Predecessor dependency
· Task Resources assigned
Provides a brief introduction for the WBS and provides a detailed (3) level or more work breakdown structure for the project schedule with a minimum of 200-250 logically defined project tasks. Task are organized with dependency relationships, durations, dates and resource assignments and the project tasks are relative to the case project selected. Project is copied and pasted in the Project Plan with the required columns in view (WBS number, task description, duration, planned start and finish date, predecessor, and resource assignments).

Please include at least 3 sub contracts at some point


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