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All datasets used in the problem set can be located at: Blackboard Problems Set 4 Post
a)  Perform for all data sets: BBValues, NBAValues, SoccerValues:
i) Construct a scatter plot and correlation coefficient between annual revenue and value across teams.
ii) Use an Ordinary Least Squares regression model to estimate coefficients for b0 and b1.
iii) Express your results in functional equation form using the equation building tool in Word.
iv) Interpret the coefficients and how they relate to the idea: valuation of a sports team is directly related to, or explained by, the amount of revenues generated. 
v) Interpret R2 in relationship to goodness of fit of the model.
vi) Perform a residual analysis, do the data violate assumptions of the model?
(1) Include residual plots, fitted plots, and normality plots.
vii) Interpret the p-values (t-test) and confidence interval estimates. 
viii) Write a paragraph describing your findings across variables.
(1) Describe any generalizations that exist across datasets, any overall trends observed.

Please submit all the answers in WORD document. 
For calculation reference, the Excel also has to be submitted.


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