Strategic marketing

Validate that your paper is under 25%  You will have the option to use three attempts.

GRADING RUBRIC BADM-733 – Marketing Management
Week Six Paper on Pricing
Points Possible
Points Earned
Following your review, share a 750-words reviewing the topic of PRICE.  The paper should be completed using APA formatting (in-text citations and references) – attach in a word document – no PDF Files.  Follow all Written Assignment Expectations. This paper should be completed by Sunday at 11:00 p.m. EST.  Use subject headers for organization – Introduction, Conclusion and obviously specific headers to support content provided – minus 5 points if not provided.  This is a SafeAssign assignment – validate that your paper is under 25% SafeAssign Score.   Resubmit if it is not.
Reference three AUTHORED sources minimum – in-text citations must be made evident for the three articles assigned.  Reference page and citations must match 100%.  No points given if there is no in-text citation.  All author’s names must be credited in the in-text citations.  You may use two of the articles listed below and then you must find a NEW article on PRICING to add to the learning as well. 

APA format (1” margins, Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, and more)
Using Business Source Premier, review the following articles: 

Kermisch, R. & Burns, D.  (2018).  A survey of 1,700 companies reveals common B2B pricing mistakes.  Harvard Business Review Digital Articles.
Mohammed, R. (2018).  The good-better-best approach to pricing.  Harvard Business Review, 96(5), 106-115.
Simon, H.  (2017).  Whole Foods is becoming Amazon’s brick-and-mortar pricing lab.  Harvard Business Review Digital Articles.
Following your review, write 750-words minimum APA paper on pricing strategies   

Due by Sunday of Week Seven.


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