Strategic Planning

Objective: Describe theories and techniques that organizations use to develop, implement and evaluate their strategic plans.

Introduction: This lesson involves the theories and techniques of strategic planning used in corporations. Topics covered in the lesson are strategic management theories, developing a strategic plan, conducting a SWOT analysis, creating vision and mission statements, developing goals, and using systems thinking approaches.

This essay will allow you to explore the strategic planning theories and techniques in business environments and see how organizations use them to promote and sustain success in all areas of their business.

Deliverables: The required essay for this lesson is a 750–word paper that clearly demonstrates your understanding of the concepts and application of strategic management/strategic planning functions in business. essays should have a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion. They should also be written in APA format ( A minimum of three sources must be cited in-text and in the Reference list.

Activity Details:
Respond to the following questions/prompts.
Read the following questions and use what you have learned about this lesson’s objective to summarize your responses.
-Define and give examples of at least three theories and techniques used in strategic planning management.
-Explain how organizations evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses, how they set goals and how they attain those goals.
-What is systems thinking? How does this approach help organizations achieve overall success? 
-Provide/discuss an example of a company with a strong strategic plan. 


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