Strategy Of The HAVE Company

A postal scale for products weighing up to 2 pounds. Because of the specific words used that sentence they would have to use a direct distribution method. B. Children’s toys: (1) radio controlled model airplanes costing $80 or more, (2) small rubber balls. Usually with children toys you are able to use an indirect distribute channel, because you can house all of the supplies for the distribution of those toys. The small rubber balls would be a prime example of this because you would need a facility to house these items for retail.
But in the case of the radio controlled airplane hat is a specific item were there would be no need for storage of this item due to not knowing the quantities needed for sale. This would benefit to be a direct distribution method. C. Heavy-duty, rechargeable, battery-powered nut tightness for factory production lines. This would have be an item that would need a storage facility near that production plant; because until they are established and understanding of the demand of this product you would need to know if to stock up on this certain item or is it going to be a product that will sit shelved for a while.
D. Fiberglass fabric used in making roofing shingles. Because fiberglass is a product that needs to be handled with care it could become damaged during the shipping and storing of the product even before it would reach the consumer. Since this valued product is need to make the final end product this would have to be a direct method of distribution for the fiberglass. Chapter 12 Question 6: In my community I see with the retailers is also seen across the nation, because the one problem that is developed in these retail stores is taught at all of them.

They all use the same approach and utilize the same concept at every store whether it be on the east coast or the west coast. This method is good to cover all spectrums but what now people are doing is seeking out those online retailers to get the specifics for their areas since the retailers are not adapting their surroundings. I believe that if the retailers want to survive even the cyber wave that is going on now they need to adapt their policy, maybe even reach out their approach into the online markets move With the times and stop trying to fix a broken record.
New retailers are developing every day and are becoming just as or more successful than the tradition stores because the online retailers saw the need coming and established the eating for them. Chapter 13 Question 2 The integrated marketing concept will ensure that all forms of communications and messages are carefully linked together; you would need to use all the promotional tools by integrating them all together and making sure they are working are their peak performance.
With a good firm that is in their promotional blend there can be certain aspects of the marketing and the selling that can fall through the cracks. So with the consistent and complete use of the communications even during those promotional blends there isn’t any form of communications that is going unheard or countryside. All the forms of the sales and marketing efforts need to work at their peak performance also to make the thriving sales. Marketing Strategy The HAVE marketing strategy for the veterinary services is used within a 10 mile radius of Wellington.
The campaigning objective is to get the information out there about their products and business. There biggest strategy for promotion is the lighted sign right outside their business. The HAVE will have giveaways of smaller items with the company logos on it (I. E. Magnets, business, leashes, bandannas and food bowls). They had even gone as far as appearing the annually parade held in December where everyone in the community was able to see their promotional campaign of the business.


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