SWOT Analysis of PUB

PUB to use their best operational assets to expand their business and improve their market share.
Especially when they opened branches in the provincial areas since they want their services to reach the countryside-based veterans

Economies of Scale
Economies of scale is the cost advantages that PUB obtains due to size. The greater the volume, the greater the advantage
Size Advantages
Mass Madame sailing untangling an veterans with the number of their branches
Unique Products
PUB is the only bank for veterans or for those serving the country through the military.
Which means prang no other option but to invest in Work Inefficiencies An inefficient work environment means Pub’s goods and services are not being utilized properly
Online Presence
The online market is essential for displaying information and selling products. A weak online presence can result in lost opportunities for PUB especially they can get clients who are willing to help these veterans in times of need Read  Siemens SWOT Analysis
Online Market
The online market offers PUB the ability to greatly expand their business. They can market to a much wider audience for relatively little expense
Financial Leverage
Leveraging the balance sheet (income or capital) allows PUB to quickly expand into other markets and products, especially in fragmented industries
New Markets
New markets allow expand their business and diversify their portfolio of products and services
New Technology
PUB SWOT Analysis By Somalia improved products and services. Technology also builds competitive barriers against rivals Innovation Greater innovation can help produce unique products and services that meet customer’s needs
New Products
New products can help expand their business and diversity their customer base
A bad economy can hurt the banks business by decreasing the number of potential customers and
Government Regulations
Changes to government rules and regulations can negatively affect PUB, since dib the bank is for military people, connected sill as government. And some of their transactions requires the approval of the executive branch of the government. Then before nonstop young operations nail and they were closed (which was during Ferdinand Marco’s’ era).
Volatile Costs
Volatile costs mean PUB has to plan for scenarios where costs skyrocket. Cautious planning leads to development delays that can negatively affect the bank


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