Talent Shows – Dream Or Nightmare?

Talent shows are fun to watch, but are they actually fun to be a part of? I think it is very entertaining to watch talent shows, never the less the auditions, but I would never participate in one myself. I think it crosses a lot of my limits to get up in front of everyone in Denmark. If we take starting-point in singing talent shows, many of the young people that join the show, can’t even sing. The problem here has probably something to do with, that the parents to the child think that everything their little angel does is fantastic.
And therefore the young person with absolutely no talent at all, is totally laughed at in front of the whole country. The dream of being the next big star is cool, but when you become a star through a talent show, you will always be remembered as “Julie from x-factor” or something like that. If I ever wanted to become a famous singer, I would rather get there on my own then get there through a show.
If we, as an example, look at Miley Cyrus, who plays Hannah Montana on Disney channel, she wants to be a big actress and singer, but when we think of her or we want to explain who she is, it is and will probably always be “the girl who plays Hannah”. I once read about this in a magazine, that Miley is tired of being Hannah and wants to be Miley, the girl who can sing and act. She has tried a lot of things to get rid of this reputation, such as being in movies that are for teenagers and not kids.

She has also made several CDs, with music she writes herself. And if we look at someone from the Danish x-factor, we all know Sarah, the girl who won x-factor 2 years ago. Last year i played a handball game against her, and every time someone recognized her they would yell, “Hey, it’s Sarah from x-factor” So this is something you have to live with, if you participate in a talent show. So with these things in the back of my head, I will elaborate on why I would never participate in this kind of shows.
The first reason is that I don’t like to display myself in front of the whole country, not because I can’t sing, I just don’t feel the need to show everybody my singing talents. When I sing I usually am alone or together with people i am close to, Everybody doesn’t need to hear me sing. Another reason is that I think these kind of shows often make people who once were nice and kind, to total snobs, because of the publicity. They don’t have time for their old friends, and they start to only wear branded goods.
This isn’t good because a lot of the people in a talent program are just a flash in the pan, and when the show is over their friends at home have moved on. The last reason is the thing about being the girl from the talent show. If I ever, at some point in my life, want to be a celebrity, I want to become it and achieve the publicity on my own. I don’t want to be part of a show and always be known as a “show-person”, and not known for my own music or just for being me! Therefore I would say that talent shows are a NIGHTMARE.


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