Technical report

Technical Report Requirements
You will use the format of the article from Week 1 as a guide for your paper.
Title at the top of the first page (no title page)
Use your name as the author followed by the University information.  Example on the next line
Name, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, 
Headings in the paper include the following
Abstract – bold font
Keywords– bold font
Introduction– bold font
Other major headings as needed– bold font
Subheadings as needed– NO bold font
Conclusions– bold font
References– bold font
Other requirements
Minimum of 10 pages single spaced – not including tables or figures
Times New Roman – 12 point
Standard margins – 1 inch top, bottom, left and right
‘In text” citations and reference list at the end must be in APA format
Tables must be identified as a Table with a number and title (example – Table 1 List of Parts)
Figures must be identified as a Figure with a number and title
If you did not create the table or figure you must include an ‘in text’ citation so the reader can identify the source of the figure or table.
References at end must be in alphabetic order – see article from Week 1 for indentation format for the complete reference.
The URLs below contain information about citing references in the text of your document, ‘in text citation’, and creating the reference list at the end of the document. Use APA format in the report for references at the end of the paper and the ‘in text’ citations.  This format was used in the article in Week 1.

the sample is below:


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