The George Lopez Show

The show stars George Lopez as manager of Powers Brothers Aviation (originally Powers & Sons Aviation), an airplane parts factory. He is married to Angie Palmero (Constance Marie) and has two outgoing children, Max and Carmen (Luis Armand Garcia and Masiela Lusha). They all live together in Los Angeles, California. George had a difficult childhood. He was abandoned by his father, Manny, and further mistreated and traumatized by a careless, abusive, chain smoking, alcoholic mother, Benita “Benny” Lopez (Belita Moreno). She usually criticizes Angie’s cooking and parenting skills.

George and Benny’s adult relationship mainly consists of the two of them trading insults about each other, mainly referring to George’s childhood (one example being how George was forced to eat a chair because Benny did not feed him). They appear to care for each other, and George has admitted his feelings for Benny in some episodes. Benny works at Powers Brothers Aviation, as does George’s best friend, Ernesto “Ernie” Cardenas (Valente Rodriguez), who is mostly luckless in the dating arena and still lives with his mother. George’s father-in-law, Dr.Victor “Vic” Palmero (Emiliano Diez), thinks Angie should have married someone better than George, but as the series progresses, he begins to respect and accept him. George always tries to catch his children getting in trouble when they misbehave, whether it be by confronting them straight on, or sneakily investigating, then punishing them later. It is still always shown that George loves and cares deeply for his family, even though in one episode he said that his kids were definitely in the top 5, and he would sometimes insult Angie.


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