The Importance of Wisdom

Reflecting on Wisdom In life it seems that we always told to take advice from grandpa because he has lived a long time and is wise. Grandpa is the go to person for when we have a life issue. My grandfather is a very wise man. He has learned lessons from life instead of just thinking he was getting punished. He always tells us grandkids and great grandkids that everything happens for a reason; a reason to learn from. My grandfather’s name is Vernon and he is in his late 80’s. Grandpa always has a reason behind everything he does.
He always helps us by talking through our problems with a logical and reasoning view. Grandpa has always helped me to look at both sides of possibilities and apply things that I already know to the situation before making a decision. Grandpa always has listened to what we have to say and he isn’t against taking advice from the younger generation. He always says that he values our input and he will store it in his knowledge bank for future reference. Grandpa is very humorous along with being logical, he always seems to be able to make light of most situations and can help us look at it from a humorous side of we end up making a bad decision. Normally, because we didn’t go to grandpa about it before hand. ) The best advice I have ever gotten from my grandfather is, when you are making a decision think about 6 months from now, or even 6 years, what is the outcome from both sides; and can you learn from your choice either way? Throughout his years grandpa has always held a positive mind frame and laced life with humor, he always asks what we learned even if we faced a consequence. I believe that my grandfather is one of the wisest men in the universe.
Grandpa always learns and uses past knowledge before making a decision. Grandpa always had been there it help us with his wisdom and knowledge of life’s great lessons, he has also helped us to install some of the characteristics that will make us wise one day (Baumgardner and Crothers, 2009). Grandpa has installed in us the ability to use our knowledge and our past mistakes to make our decisions. I think that I have encompassed a lot of this from my grandfather. I have learned to look at the mistakes of my sisters and adjust my choices to not make the same mistakes.

For example all 3 f my older sisters were teen moms. They all are in their late 20’s, early 30’s and have 4 kids each. They all struggle care for their families, they all are divorced at least twice. I have learned from their mistakes and I am the first in my family to finish high school and not have a child to take care of. I love my daughter and I am thankful that I got my career started before having her, now I know that I can give her the life she deserves without depending on government assistance for simple things such as housing and food, like my sisters.
I see their struggles every day and I know that it is hard on them to only be allowed to spend so much a month on food, or to only be able to live in a home approved by the government. I think that I still have a long way to go before I become a wise person, but I do think I am on my way. In the six attributes of a wise person; I have the ability to reason. I look at a problem and think about what the things I have learned from other problems and knowledge I have. I have an understanding of human nature, but I am still learning a lot about myself.
I have learned through grandpa that no advice is bad advice, because someday you just might need it. There is always a chance to learn about various things in the environment and from people around you. Always keeping an open mind and opened ears helps with picking up knowledge that we would not get otherwise. I also believe that I have very sensible judgment and I always think about things before I make a decision. I always know the positive and negative outcome and if I can learn something valuable either way. I have the ability to learn from others experiences and from my past experiences.
I also am never set in my decision; I am open to reconsidering my choices. The one thing I am working on is being able to read between the lines. My grandpa says you can tell a lot about how a person feels or the situation they are in if you can see through what they are saying and what they really mean. This is something that I am not quite great at yet. Maybe I never will be, but it is always worth a try (Baumgardner and Crothers, 2009). . References Baumgardner, S. R. and Crothers, M. .K. (2009). Positive psychology. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.


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