The Strategic Plan for Ninestiles School

Development planning is the mechanism for a school to specify its strategic and operational betterment activities. Strategy, as a long-run purpose, sets the way for school and the nucleus moral intent. However a good scheme is non sufficient by itself but requires a sound short-run operational program. Davies, B. J, & A ; Ellison, L. ( 2005 ) emphasise that the strategic “ program provides a consistent manner of interpreting the nucleus moral intent of the school and its values into action, influenced by a hereafters position and vision. ”
With the coming of local direction of schools, parental pick, and the publication of school scrutiny conference tabular arraies, it is apparent that a school needs to advance and market itself to avoid a autumn in axial rotations. One of the challenges which the school sets itself, hence, is to develop a system which recognizes and wagess pupil accomplishment in order to better the school.
This model scheme is produced for Ninestiles as a school betterment program. In this program I will roll up and analyze the information and information from Ofsted, public presentation tabular arraies, and the school web site and school profile to sketch the strategic program. In add-on, I will urge operational actions and planning procedures. More significantly, through doing the appropriate links between the literature reappraisal and the instance survey of school effectivity and betterment, I will bring forth an appropriate program to back up and advance whole-school and student success for farther instruction and life outside of school.

Literature reappraisal
Schools, as educational Centres, ne’er fail to pull attending from people, society and authoritiess since the eighteenth century. Consequently, every school has to alter to face challenges. However, school effectivity and school betterment have become the focal point of instruction systems in the modern universe.
With development of economic system and society, schools can non shut their Gatess and leave the issues of outside universe in order to last and turn in turn toing the complicated alteration challenges in to the twenty-first century, which makes establishments more porous and permeable ( Elkind, 1993 ) . Schools hence need to do witting to face with alterations come from inside and outside of school.
Fullan, Cuttress, and Kilcher ( 2005 ) outlined eight key alterations forces that all leaders would hold to understand, overcome and undertake in schools. They are: “ ( 1 ) prosecuting peoples moral intents, ( 2 ) edifice capacity, ( 3 ) understanding the alteration procedure, ( 4 ) development civilizations for acquisition, ( 5 ) developing civilizations of rating, ( 6 ) concentrating on leading for alteration, ( 7 ) furthering coherency devising, and ( 8 ) cultivating tri-level development. ” The eight alterations forces are non isolated and incorporate on an purpose of instruction in school.
As an purpose of instruction, the moral intent is the greatest driver of alteration. “ moral intent in educational alteration is an orientation of school ‘s spirit, that means to better society through to develop educational systems and so to raise quality of all citizen. Fullan ( 2005 ) stated that concentrating on leading is the most powerful lesson of alteration. It is non controversial, Collins ( 2001 ) and Mintzberg ( 2004 ) agreed with Fullan ( 2005 ) and pointed out that successful school need a effectual leading.
“ Secondary scheme for school betterment ” ( The pilot school and pilot local governments, Defs and primary and secondary scheme, 2006 ) provides an overview of the indispensable elements of the secondary intensifying support programme, it as a counsel, makes sense for schools development. The cardinal subjects:
Constructing leading capacity
Bettering the conditions for larning
Bettering the quality of instruction and acquisition
Using informations intelligently
Supplying an engaging and appropriate course of study
Establishing a acquisition community ( The pilot school and pilot local governments, Defs and primary and secondary scheme, 2006, p? )
However, if Ninestiles School will turn to each of the subjects, the primary status is that there must be an equal leading and direction and acquisition conditions within the school. A good suggestion made by “ Secondary scheme for school betterment 2006 ” that is that a successful leaders should cognize as followed:
how to get the better of opposition to anything new, grab chances and avoid jeopardy
That large springs are associated with large wagess and that incrental chage will take them nowhere
That the cardinal challenge is to alter people ‘s behaviors and that they can merely make that by act uponing their feeling every bit good as their thought
How to take alteration every bit good as manage it
Leadership in school should “ turn to the position quo through set uping a sense of urgency, making a guiding group, developing a vision and scheme and pass oning both of them efficaciously ” . In short, leading should be able to happen out new ways and attacks of working through warrant of short-run wins and consolidating advancement in order to ease more alteration. Rationale is that leading must guarantee that the nucleus activities of instruction and acquisition are cardinal to duty and answerability of the school ( The pilot school and pilot local governments, Defs and primary and secondary scheme, 2006 )
As a general driver, developing civilization of larning supply a set of schemes for people larning from each other. Change cognition requires furthering coherency devising in order to increase peoples corporate power to drive the system running frontward swimmingly. Dufour, Eaker, and Dufour ( 2005 ) stressed the necessity and power of professional acquisition communities while Fullan ( 2005 ) identified beyond one school and Pfeffer and Sutton ( 2000 ) commend that turning information in to actionable cognition is a societal procedure
Black, Harrison, Lee, Marshall, and Wiliam 2003 and Fullam ( 2005 ) emphasised one of the highest-yield schemes for educational alteration late developed is assessment for larning. Fullan ( 2005 ) claim that schools need to alter persons, every bit good as demand to alter contexts, cultivating tri-level development provide more learning in context ( at school degree, territory degree and province level,2006 ) .
Barber ( 2005 ) provinces same point of view that eight drivers are keys to make effectual and permanent alteration. These drivers are widely accepted and have become theoretic counsel for school ‘s scheme.
The first serious treatments and analyses of School effectivity emerged in the 1960s out of concern for equality of educational chance. In the beginning, surveies stressed societal background and heredity as the strongest influences. However, Wrigley ( 2004 ) and MacGilchrist et Al ( 2005 ) have listed failings of the school effectiveness tradition: “ ( 1 ) excessively narrow a position of accomplishment ; ( 2 ) over trust on quantifiable results ; ( 3 ) force per unit area of answerability through testing, conference tabular arraies and review and can falsify the course of study, instruction and acquisition ; ( 4 ) identified characteristics of effectual schools may non be easy movable. In fact, these issues are non particular phenomenon, how to avoid these disadvantages has become more and more educationalists ‘ consideration.
In contrast to school effectivity, during the past 30 old ages at that place has been a parallel thrust for school betterment used to accomplish organizational alteration through ab initio unsystematic attempts. Hopkins and Reynolds ( 2001 ) suggested that three elements should be taken into history when sing the development of school betterment: a ‘bottom-up ‘ attack to self-evaluation and betterment planning with teacher ownership ; greater focal point on student results through links with school effectivity community and going progressively ‘top-down ‘ through strategic authorities intercession. In short, betterment demands change. Expediently, bottom-up self-evaluation is a fast and direct feedback for monitoring and following up betterment program, top-down authorities intercession is a drive force to oversee and press that schools must concentrate on instruction and acquisition.
Hargreaves and Shirley ( 2009.p5 ) analysed that three ways of alteration have gone earlier as followed:
First manner of province support and professional freedom, of invention but besides incompatibility.
Second manner of market competition and educational standardization in which professional liberty is lost.
Third manner that tries to voyage between and beyond the market and the province and balance professional liberty with answerability.
Entering the fast, flexible and vulnerable new universe of the twenty-first century, we have to face dramatically new jobs and challenges. It is realized that the old three ways of educational alteration have non matched the new alterations and development, A “ 4th manner ” of educational alteration has been identified, based on the best of the old ways of the yesteryear without withdrawing to or reinventing the worst of them ( Hargreaves and Shirley,2009 ) . They asserted that “ it is non a manner to retain bossy control over narrowly defined ends and marks. The 4th manner, instead, is a democratic and professional way to betterment that builds from the underside, tips from the top and provides support and force per unit area from the sides. ”
Sing context of Ninestiles School, the 4th manner provide some inspiration:
Leadership is the cardinal function for development of a school
Every instructor should set duty before answerability. Michael Fullan ( 2009 ) points out that school alteration depends on what instructors do and believe. As a moral intent, instructors should set duty before answerability – it is every bit simple and every bit complex as this.
Parents should be more to the full engaged.
Students as active spouses in their ain development are most of import.
Back land
Ninestiles school is a 6th foundation school and it is a larger than most secondary schools in Birmingham. It serves 1471 pupils ( 11-18 old ages old ) in the Acocks Green country of Birmingham but besides attracts pupils from other countries of the metropolis. Just over a half pupils are White British ; somewhat over 10 % are from Asiatic Pakistani backgrounds and similar proportions are of Asiatic Indian heritage. A particular unit attached to the school has 45 pupils with address and linguistic communication of community troubles. ( Ninestiles website 2011 )
Ninestiles has been a specialist school for engineering for 15 old ages and has had applied larning position since 2007. Ninelstiles school is committed to a course of study which aims to supply a acquisition environment in which all pupils irrespective of gender, ability, societal or cultural background, are encouraged to accomplish to their full potency, all the pupils have been exposed to a assortment if instruction and learning manners experience of cardinal accomplishments. School ‘s mission is to fix all-around citizens who are able to play a full portion in the life in the community. By prosecuting aims with vision, Ninestiles seeks to prosecute the head, elevate the spirit, and excite the best attempt of all who are associated with the school.
What does Ofsted state?
Ninestiles School was to the full praised by Ofsted in 2009 and was judged as outstanding overall. Inspectors reported that Ninestiles “ has made many alterations in order to to the full run into the demands of all pupils and get the better of any barriers to larning ” ( Ofsted 2009 p.4 ) .
Outstanding facets of the school include:
Students ‘ accomplishment, as the school is extremely effectual at actuating pupils who have made limited advancement in the yesteryear. It is barely surprising that the huge bulk of parents are satisfied to the school.
Teaching and acquisition, because of consistent manner in which instructors plan lessons in the visible radiation of pupil ‘s mark.
Leadership and direction, as the cardinal precedences are to the point and based on the sound rating and school has been originative in developing high quality leaders at all degrees in the school.
Student ‘s personal development and wellbeing as they appreciate in mature manner about their school and class as brilliant function theoretical accounts for younger pupils.
Other effectual facets of the school were noted by Ofsted as follows:
The course of study is effectual in run intoing the demands of all pupils. The course of study is a major factor in guaranting first-class behavior and high degrees of motive amongst all groups of pupils. Work-based accomplishments, including teamwork and endeavor, work-related acquisition chances prepare pupils outstandingly good for employment or the following phase in the instruction. In add-on, pupils have chances to try a broad scope of classs. These classs is strong work-related dimension. Consequently, the Information and communicating engineering is used really good and extensively.
The attention, support, aid and counsel are highly effectual to lend to the pupils ‘ outstanding personal development. Students are safe in the school and parents and pupils value a really good relationship with grownups. The rapid passage to an all-age tutorial system was handled really good.
Governors are really effectual because they play a cardinal function in guaranting that many new developments are carefully considered prior to execution. Governors insist that best value rules are applied to all that the school does.
Ninestiles in the Performance tabular arraies?
Harmonizing the Ofsted study in the last four old ages, there has been a fluctuation in GCSE consequences. Fortunately, there was a important rise in 2010 from 51 % to 64 % 5+A*-C including English and Maths. However, the public presentation of pupils at GCSE needs to be kept stable and if possible farther improved. More significantly ; from the tabular array as follows, it can be seen that compared with national and metropolis figures its GCSE public presentation is now higher. Here we should pay attending to CVA, in 2009, CVA suggested advancement in line with outlook at 997.1, but in 2010, the CVA raised dramatically to 1031. This suggests that in 2010 students made advancement well beyond outlook.
Comparison with national and metropolis figures
Year school
National criterion
Birmingham norm
Ninestiles school
50 % GCSE 1000CVA
48 % GCSE 1000CVA
51 % GCSE 997.1CVA
53 % GCSE 1000CVA
55 % GCSE 1000CVA
64 % GCSE 1031CVA
Beginning informations: DfE School and college public presentation tabular arraies.
Ninestiles ‘ ain position of its effectivity
Ninestiles is efficaciously structured to react to the demands of twenty-first Century instruction. The school twenty-four hours has been carefully designed with modern larning demands in head. The wide and balanced course of study is antiphonal to single demands and the altering national context. All squads have a structured remit and an consciousness of the portion they play in making the vision.
About Curriculum statement
Ninestiles School is committed to supplying a learning environment in which all pupils are encouraged to accomplish to their full potency. Students are assessed on twenty-first century accomplishments like teamwork and communicating. The pupils, their parents and instructor are all involved to take the degree or class in which pupils would wish to take. Ninestiles takes great pride in supplying chances for their pupils either at the academic or vocational development as it is believed that doing the appropriate links to the existent universe will non merely enrich their apprehension of the curriculum country but will besides get down to fix them for farther instruction and life outside of school. The school twenty-four hours has been carefully designed with modern larning demands in head. Reality Baste Leaning ( RBL ) is mandatory for all pupils. This type of larning focal points on existent universe scenarios and pupils learn by replying jobs
About work-related acquisition
Ninestiles school has taking border position of work-related acquisition. It has been a specialist school for engineering for 13 old ages and has had applied larning position since 2007. Work-related acquisition is defined by school as any planned activity that uses work as a context for larning ( OFSTED 2009 ) . By supplying pupils with the chances and context in order to develop their work-related accomplishments, cognition and understanding. Such construct is based on logic of specialisation and it involves work-related acquisition within the classs for all students at cardinal phase 4. It occurs across the course of study when different topics and classs are offered to pupils. ninestile ‘s mission is to fix all-around citizens who are able to play a full portion in the life in the community.
As a typical engineering school school ‘s schemes reflect our aspirations and we seek an appreciate the counsel and encouragement in transporting out these aspirations aims. Every pupil in the school has been exposed to a assortment of learning and larning manners, experience and work out existent universe jobs and leaves school with extended experience of cardinal accomplishments.
Our aspirations are targeted non towards rankings but instead towards accomplishing a topographic point where take great pride in supplying chances for their pupils either at the academic or vocational development as it is believed that doing the appropriate links to the existent universe will non merely enrich their apprehension of the curriculum country but will besides get down to fix them for farther instruction and life outside of school.
Key precedences for betterment
Fortunately, Ninestiles School has made many alterations positively, but we can non shy away from confronting its failings. Harmonizing to the review judgement reported by Ofsted in 2009, there are six facets that should be improved and strengthened:
For the group ( 16-19 ) whose public presentation reached comparatively lower class than others group, most facets review concerned with were at grade 2 or 3.
The in-between director working in ( 16-19 ) group should be adjusted and consolidated to to better tutoring and mentoring systems and heighten top-down bureaucratism, prescription and counsel.
Finical support. Headteacher, with regulating organic structure and all staffs, analyses budget to guarantee school development program precedences with appropriate budget allotment. The school budget needs to be flexibly used to back up a push for betterment. ( Fullan, M. , Barber, ( 2009 )
Use the award system. The award strategy provide encouragement and acknowledgment for attempt and accomplishment. A survey conducted by Harris.L ( 1996 ) showed that the better the kids performed in all these old countries ( classwork, prep, attending, promptness, behaviour ) the more successful would both learning and larning become.
Another must be emphasized is in footings of personal development and wellbeing for school overall, pupils had truly bad attending ( at class 3 ) and healthy life style ( at class 2 ) .
Comparison with other similar school ( table 2 )
School Attendance
Ninestiles In 2009
Ninestiles In 2010
Birmingham In 2010
England In 2010
% of half yearss missed
8.2 %
8.5 %
6.8 %
6.9 %
Unauthorised absence
2.3 %
1.6 %
1.4 %
Persistent absence
9.1 %
8.5 %
4.4 %
4.6 %
Figure from OFSTED
From table 2, it can be shown that pressing job of Ninestiles school is hapless attending, there are two steps that should be suggested, one is parent meeting and calling.The 4th manner recommend parents should be more to the full engaged. The school should present first twenty-four hours of absence naming place for all absentees and consult students and parents over wagess and countenance. Parents meetings should be held with all parents monthly and there should be hebdomadal updates by phone. In this instance, each pupils received monthly advancement cheque.
Others is to set up award system. The 4th manner stressed the pupil as active spouse in their ain development is of all time the most of import. Award system efficaciously build pupils assurance for their farther survey. It is traditional and really effectual for pupil public presentation including category work, prep, attending, promptness, behavior and public presentation at GCSE.
The 3rd facet should be highlighted is for leading, review pointed the school ‘s self-evaluation and community coherence did non exercise every bit good as outlook
“ leading should acquire the vision right to increase urgency and construct the guiding squad. The schools white paper ( 2010 ) emphasized school should better top-down bureaucratism and “ bottom-up ” support. It is good circle for self-evaluation ” .
The policy has non been to the full updated to run into all current demands.
The school policy and patterns should be shared and public in the school web site. There is a statement in the school prospectus which linked to development program marks. Policy and pattern are reviewed and updated every term in visible radiation of altering profile. This is besides a good manner for all ( pupils, instructors, parents and society ) to measure our school.
The monitoring and rating of instruction and acquisition has non ever identified rapidly enough the advancement made by different groups of pupils
All the grounds from different instruction system around the universe shows that the most of import factor in finding how good kids do is the quality of instructor and instruction. High quality instructor is cardinal fact of successful school. The school alteration depends on what instructors do and believe ( Fullan ( 2000 ) . As a moral intent, instructors should set the duty before answerability. Raising entry demands and more preparation in or out-school is suggested by white paper. The school should guarantee all staffs must be in topographic point in order to better pupils ‘ public presentation.
Specifically, the school needs to set up a particular group for the monitoring and rating of instruction and acquisition in order to react quickly to any fluctuations in advancement and proctor more efficaciously the advancement that different groups of pupils make in lessons. This group is to supervise more efficaciously the advancement that different groups of pupils make in lessons, peculiarly in Years 7 and 8 ( Ofsted 2009 ) .
pupils public presentation at GCSE need to maintain stable and promote and school ‘s CVA should be Consolidated.
Teachers are clear about their instruction ends that attempt on the school ‘s highest-priority ends in ways most likely to better pupils ‘ public presentation of academic. In the instance, instructors create a strategic program for bettering the quality of instruction and do adept usage of bing learning stuffs in order to give more clip to patterns that enrich and clear up the content. To develop instructors harmonizing to program and do certain their cognition and learning stills maintaining updated to fit the demands of societal and single ‘s development.
Precisely, School betterment group need run intoing with instructors to place and research the issue that are involved in placing students in old ages 9 and 10. this conference should be based on informations gathered earlier in the school from logbooks and treatment with pupil deputies.
Furthermore, there should be voluntary after-school or lunchtime lesson provided by staff and an excess session, affecting strong links with external bureaus is based on test techniques, is organized
What issues/weaknesses have been identified?
Precedences for Improvement
Proposed Actions
Success Criteria
For the age group ( 16-19 ) whose public presentation reached comparatively lower Ofsted class than other groups in this school. For this group, most appraisals reached merely grades 2 or 3
Improve quality of instruction and acquisition
Adjust in-between leading working in this group. Raise pupil aspirations through links with concern and higher instruction
For this group, mark of most appraisals should make above classs 2
Students had truly hapless attending ( at class 3 with 8.5 % absence ) ,
Improve attainment
Work with parents to advance good attending, recognizing links to attainment
the attending to make 95 % relentless absence to be reduced to 5 % at grade 2.
The school ‘s self-evaluation and community coherence were non effectual every bit good as outlook. the policy has non been to the full updated to run into all current demands.
Monitoring and rating of instruction and larning have non been ever identified rapidly plenty
Strengthen leading
Build betterment group
Monitor and track advancement more strictly
school betterment groups become progressively influential in driving up criterion
Student ‘s public presentation at GCSE needs to be kept stable and promoted.
Provide encouragement and acknowledgment for attempt and accomplishment.
Establish “ good acquisition “ civilization in school.
It will be anticipate to 70 % 5+A*- including English and Mathematicss by 2012
In recent old ages criterions have risen steadily in our school, the most of import thing is that a school is able to prolong this advancement or non when it confront with disputing circumstance sometime. It is shown above that Ninestiles School has won a well-deserved repute for its current effectivity and betterment from society and Ofsted while Ninestiles school has taking border position of work-related acquisition. the school assets, direction and societal supports all have been ready for Ninestiles to take obstructions for acquisition and made many alterations In order to run into all pupils ‘ demands. However, there are still many challenges that school has to face with.
Ninestiles school can provides thoughtful and far-sighted strategic leading that create the environments that makes good learning pay off and larning efficaciously to back up and track our all aim. There has been an highly clear vision that reaches into every corner of this school.
However, the most common position of scheme is to put the way of school ( Davies, B. Davies, J. & A ; Ellison, L. 2005 ) . It consists of some short-time purpose, that is: First, school should beef up leading that should acquire the vision right to increase urgency and construct the guiding squad. Second, The school should set up evidence-based attack to bettering instruction and acquisition and better consistence in feedback and marker. Third, school should set in topographic point enhanced tutoring and mentoring systems to guarantee that all pupils are supported harmonizing to their demands. Finally, the school demands to put our appraisal system to guarantee that our enterprise on path and supervise our school as a whole is accomplishing the short term ends and long term aspirations.
Pursuit of excellence, as counsel, sets an ambitious docket of aspirations by specific schemes and programs, which call for us to settle down to work in much land for one ‘s ain responsibility and concentrate on coordination, steadiness, clearcutness, pertinence and existent consequence. Our school needs to guarantee that all pupils and instructors can be to the full equipped to do a difference in the planning period. In another words, the school should be already to be after the following stage of its development because of “ no best, but better “


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