Themes from Robinson Crusoe

Themes from Robinson Crusoe One theme from the novel Robinson Crusoe is that one should follow their dreams and go for what they want, even if others do not think that it is the right thing to do. Robinson Cruse’s father really wanted him to be a lawyer, but Robinsons dream was to go out to sea. At first he wanted to make his father happy and was willing to do what he said, but then he realized Just how unhappy he himself would be if he did not become a sailor. So he did what he thought was right, and even though there ere many hard times, he got through them all because he knew he was doing exactly what he wanted to do.
Another theme from this novel is that you should have persistence, and to never give up on yourself, even in the toughest times. Robinson Crusoe faced many hardships out at sea, and his family was not even around to help him out. But he put on a brave face and handled the problems as well as he could, and everything turned out okay. If Robinson had chosen the life of a lawyer, as his father had wished, he might have been in danger a lot less often, but e would never have known what it was like to follow his heart.
I believe that Robinson Crusoe did the right thing, choosing the option that would make him happy instead of his family. Your family can be there to help guide you through life, but ultimately, it will have to be you who decides what you want to do. Robinson Crusoe is a very exciting book with many unexpected twists and turns. Robinson has many adventures, and even though he runs into trouble more often than not, he is a great character who can deal with his problems courageously.


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