Three Strategies or Practices Identified in the Chapter

Discuss three strategies or practices identified in the chapter that you feel are most important in planning, composing, and revising professional documents. Which of these do you use? Which part of the process do you spend more time on: revising, editing, or proofreading? Why? The three most important practices in planning, composing, and revising professional documents are: -Analyzing the problem, defining the purpose of the document, and analyzing my audience. -Provide accurate, concise, and complete information. Getting feedback from someone else. Before beginning a document you must assess the purpose of your writing, and who your audience is. Once you know what you are writing about, and whom you are writing it to, then begins the formulation of ideas. I personally first review documents that relate to the topic and create key points to include in my writing. After you begin creating a thought process aligned with your writing, start free writing. During your free writing process, try not to deviate from your points.
Provide accurate information, be concise and to the point, and complete your thoughts. Now that you feel you have drafted all the appropriate key points, and all the information you wanted to include, begin reviewing. During this review process, check for grammatical errors, conciseness, and that your thoughts are delivered for clear comprehension. Now that you feel you have created a professional document, put it to the test. Most important for me, is letting someone else read it. You may get some criticism, but better by one person than a large number of readers.
At this time you can make the appropriate adjustments, and feel more confident in the message you are relaying. All the techniques I mentioned is the process I use to compose writing documents. These steps were helpful in my success as a proficient writer. Proofreading is the most important aspect, and what I spend most of my time on. This is your last chance to impress your reader and make sure your writing represents you, and shows your commitment to your work. Locker, K. O. , & Kienzler, D. S. (2010). Business and Administrative Communication. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.


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