To Dr. Clover (Unit 2 Week 1 Main Response)

Unit 2 Main Discussion Board
Discrimination Part 1
Objectives for Unit2 is as follows:
Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.
Describe the rights of an employee and the legal obligations of a manager.
Predict situations that present potential ethical and legal issues, and develop solutions for those issues.
Mr. Thomas, a 10 year executive with XYZ Corporation, continued to engage his secretary in a conversation regarding the female body part that was a subject of a recent television program, even after she indicated she did not wish to discuss it further. Mr. Thomas subsequently copied a page from a dictionary containing the name of a body part and gave it to the secretary, which in addition to prior behavior she interpreted as sexual harassment. His employer terminated him because of this incident and other alleged incidents of poor judgment. In a suit for wrongful termination, Mr. Thomas won compensatory damages plus punitive damages against the company and his secretary.
In the Discussion Board, discuss the following questions about the case:

Do you think Mr. Thomas’ actions      constituted sexual harassment? Why or why not?
Do you think termination of Mr.      Thomas was justified? Why or why not?
What factors might have influenced      the jury’s decision?
Can you share with the class if you,      your friend or colleague have had an encounter with a      sexual harassment case at work? Do not use names of individuals or      businesses.


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