Troy summary

Wants nothing more than to be put into history books and known for eternity for his greatness. -strong, family man, and a lover (which ends up being the death of hector and eventually the death of him) Ajax Strong brute, loyal and respectful. Loves his people. Heart off lion (one scene pulls sword out of leg etc etc. ) doesn’t die without a huge fight. Prince Hector older brother type, protecting, but wise. Strong and brave. Fearless. Successful, wishes toting but peace and happiness Prince Paris – younger brother, ignorant and arrogant. Blinded by love, Helen – a beautiful woman, that only wants to be accepted for HER, not her looks. A lover. Also ignorant. Agamemnon – Jerk, cares only for himself, blinded by power. Head strong (making him weak) fearless, but not in a good way, mischievous, apathetic Odysseus man, good friend, and better realist, an adventurous man. Bruises Godly,the girl who capture Achilles Heart important: Achilles died in deed by Paris but along time ago before we, Greeks entered Troy.
It was disgusting and very insulting to the epic story to see Achilles dies inside the burning Troy with several arrows on his chest and belly as Achilles was invulnerable because his father Pleas baptized him in a blessed water when he was an infant but as he was holding him upside down he did not sink his feet holding him from his ankles. That is why his only vulnerable spot was his heels. That means that only one arrow was enough to kill him at his heel.
In these story illustrate that even the great warrior has a Heart. When Achilles met Bruises his heart suddenly change. Len these story illustrate the Love of the Man to the Woman. Like Prince Paris he follow his Heart but he become selfish. Prince Hector code is simple Honor you

Gods Love your Women Defend the Country. Like Samson in the Bible women is their downfall. Achilles is a great warrior when his cousin (Patrols) killed by Prince Hector . Len this story illustrate a Father love by Prima to his son Prince Hector a brother love different way of living some live for country some live for Love some live for Gods it’s the people choice where they want to live. For me Achilles is great warrior even though in the ending he die. By the way he respect and value Prima the father of Prince Hector. Especially when I see the tears fall down.


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