Each DQ need to be between 175 to 250 words each. 

DQ 1

When Does Optimization Modeling Fit?

Based on this week’s reading, identify a contemporary operations  and supply chain management example that you believe is well suited to  optimization modeling. What aspects of the example led you to this  belief? In your initial post for this discussion, describe the example  you chose and explain why you believe it to be well suited to  optimization modeling.

https://capella.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781323133262/cfi/6/44!/4/28/10/2/[email protected]:42.8

DQ 2

Sales and Operations Planning Problems

Review the problems on pages 397–404 of your Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chain text and select one to solve. Post your solution to the discussion board.

DQ 3

Sales and Operations Planning Case Study

In your Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains  text, read the “Sales and Operations Planning at Starwood” case study  on page 405. Then respond to the case study’s questions 1–3 as your  initial post for this discussion.


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