Violent Music and It’s Impact on children

Violent Music and it Impact on Children Causes and Impact of Emotional, Financial, and Physical Abuse of the Elderly Augustine Reeves Delaware Community County College April 16 2014 Introduction Does violent music really impact children life? We asked these questions every day, but do we get the right answers? This is unpredictable. No one knows what will be the outcome if we do not have music in our life. When I was a kid music was part of my every day activities. Rap, R&B, Country etc. Was profanities used in those songs? Yes. Did I used them in the streets? Yes.
But does it really makes us who we are today. Different Medias Anderson, Carnage, and Banks(2003) emphasize the differences between Medias which one is more effective. Such as watching music videos and listening to audios only music. Is it more effective for a kid to do what he or she saw in the video, then saying what he or she heard in a music lyric. Music videos are more doable for children. Children will most likely take what they saw and transform it in their way of doing. The why Most parents who cares about their children behaviors will always block musical channels like B.
E. T and M. T. V, and would rather allow their children to sites to MPH music. In other to imitates a music lyric, you have to be a good listener, how to use to lyrics in different ways. Violent Music lyrics Impact on Children When listening to audio music with lyric, it increases thought, aggression, and emotions feeling on children. Most words that are used in lyrics are aggressive and nonaggression. According to Exposure to Violent Music, Craig A. Anderson, Nicholas L. Carnage, and Jeanie Banks(2003) did an experiment on Aggressive and Nonaggression words.

Aggressive Words blood, fight hurt wound butcher gun choke hatchet knife Nonaggression Words alley drugs police stick animal movie red bottle night rock The experiment was to allow college students to listen to music with these aggressive words and nonaggression words and see what will be the outcome, and heir behaviors. The outcome was very clear that after the experiment was over the students who listened to the aggressive music had more negative feeling and aggressive thought of doing something, then the student who listened to the non- aggressive songs. Children have the mind of believing anything they hear or sees.
Children who listens to aggressive music believe that they do not need to go to school, they believe they can sell drugs, become a rapper themselves, not listening to their parents because that what they heard while listening to aggressive music. That how aggressive music can impact children life. Violent Music video Impact on Children life According to helping to Curb Youth Violence, Jan L. Peterson and Russ Newman (2000) believed that youth between the age 12 and 24 year face the highest risk of being involves in violent acts and most likely involved in being kill.
About nearly 60% of kid death are result of violent behaviors. Such as, homicide, accidents, gang fighting, dating assault etc. Because youth spend almost 6 to 12 hours a day watching MET, B. E. T, Youth, and other music channels. Musical videos is more about sexual oriented acts. It is said that teen who listen to rap video become more involve in violent dating. Musical videos are influenced and threaten to children. Conclusion I believe to that my thinking, my movement, my thoughts have something to do with music. As a youth I believe the image of music, the words, the videos act should be limited.
But at the same time we cannot live without these things in our life no matter how risky it is. Life can be very stressful especially for the elderly. Sometime it is hard to imagine how life would be financially when getting older and knowing you won’t be able to work and support your family. Situation like those can lead to depression, emotions, and can sometime lead to violent in the family. Most elderly realize that they cannot depend on social security tax anymore. Financial Exploitation on Elderly According to Shells L. Jackson and Thomas L.
Haberdasher (2012), financial exploitation is defined as the illegal or improper use of an elderly person’s funds, property, or assets. It is said that elderly victims annually loss $2. 9 billion to financial exploitation in Midlife 2009. Those lost can be very effective on the elderly because these are something they worked for their life. Retirement is what every individual wants so they can rest and enjoy what they worked for. But how do they lead to depression? As a retire person it is hard to replace a lost assets. Therefore it can lead to loss of independence and security for an elderly person.
With that situation the person have to rely on a family member, or even going far as getting on social welfare. For that season it can lead to self-decline, depression, even suicide attempt. What leads to Depression on Elderly? Depression does not really start with someone already at the age of 65. It can start with a person at age of 17 and follow till they are in their ass’s. According to The relationship between stress and depression, Vivian Kraal], Simms Seekers, and Ella Remains state that life events in relation to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and maltreatment during childhood.
For example, a 16 year old girl lost both parents at that age she will most like be depress and might affect her life going forward. Elderly depression can also come from lack of financially assistance at a young age. A person who can work, or work and not save enough for the future can lead to depression. Because at the age of 50 they to worry about who will take care of them, they’ll to worry about going to nursing home. Causes of Physical Abuse on Elderly Elderly people experience more physical abuse then others. Some causes of physical abuse on elderly are domestic violence and caregiver problem. Family issues come with domestic violence.
The process of an elderly person living with a spouse can be trustful especially if the elder is sick or have mental issues. Sometime it can be financial problem. Buying all the medication, the food, and cloths. If the spouse not doing to responsibility it is consider as an abuse. The next one is caregivers. Sometime caregivers are having their own problem. It may be personal issues, psychological issues, and mental issues. The risk is very high when someone with these situation life with an elder. Physical Abuse can come when a sick elderly refuses to take his or her medication especially when it is at a consistence rate.
The receiver can become to scream, names calling, and sometimes lead to hitting the elderly person. Conclusion Most elderly people are committing suicide because of how they are treated, how abuses people are to them, losing the asset makes them believe life is not worth living. Stress and depression mostly causes heart attack on elderly people. People work hard and save to live in the future, so let them live to the fullest of it. Reference Page Anderson, A. C. , Carnage, L. N. , & Banks, J. (2003). Exposure to violent media: The effects of Songs with violent lyrics on aggressive thoughts and feelings.


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