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W8: Final Project
Create a website about anything you choose.  (This might be a good time to help out your local charity or your friend starting up a new business.)  Your site must include:

At least 4 pages, showing good design
All the essential tags on each page (W1)
At least 5 comments to explain your code (W1)
At least 3 semantic elements (W1/W2)
A list (W2)

An image with height, width, and alt text (W2)
A functional navigation menu on all 4 pages (W3)
An email link (W3)
An external style sheet with at least 10 style rules for various parts of your site (W4/W5)
A table with at least two columns and two rows (W6)
A form with at least 4 different input types (don’t worry about the action) (W7)

For the purpose of this assignment, how your site looks and functions is more important than what the content is.  You may use content from other places, but be sure to cite your sources.  Remember that outside sources include any images, audio, video, or text that you did not create yourself.  Use APA style.  You may not use markup from other sources.
Make sure all files are uploaded to cPanel and submit the URL for your site’s home page when you are finished.  


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