Week4 Assig 4301

Application: Field Study: Gender Differences, Roles, and Equity  Prior to this week, you were asked to arrange to interview one school-age boy and one school-age girl, as well as one adolescent boy and one adolescent girl. This week, you will interview these children and adolescents with the goal of gaining insights into how young people perceive gender and how expectations or beliefs related to gender influence their lives. You will write an essay reflecting on the results of the interviews and synthesizing these findings with the information in the Learning Resources this week.  Before conducting the interviews, be sure to prepare a list of questions. You may use the Week 4 Questionnaire Template below as a starting point, although you may modify the template as you see fit.  Week 4 Questionnaire Template  During the interviews, be sure to record notes about the children’s and adolescents’ answers to the questions as well as any other relevant details or observations. You will use these notes to write an essay that synthesizes your findings with the information in the Learning Resources as well as reflects on insights gained.  After the interviews, review your notes and consider how what your interviewees shared with you confirms, builds upon, or contrasts with what you read about in the Learning Resources. Based on your findings, write a 2- to 3-page essay that responds to the following questions: •Are your findings consistent with the concepts you read about in the Learning Resources? How so? Be specific. •Do any of your findings conflict with the information presented in the Learning Resources? How so, and why do you think this is? Be specific. •What insights about how children and adolescents perceive and are affected by gender issues did you gain during the interviews? Did anything surprise you? If so, what, and why?


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