What Employees Really Want

What Employees Really Want

Review the article A Call for Leaders: What Employees Really Want (Links to an external site.), which is a required reading for this week.
Then respond to the items below:

Part 1
Have you ever tried to carry on a conversation when no one was listening?

If so, describe the situation and the participants. What were you trying to say? Why did the others not listen? How did you know they were not listening?
If you have not been in this type of situation, imagine the type of communication described, describe a fictional scenario, and address the questions above.

Part 2
Address the following items based your personal work experience, if possible. If not, cite or fictionalize an example.

How well (or not so well) did your supervisor communicate with his/her direct subordinates?
Provide examples of situations when your supervisor communicated well, resulting in positive outcomes.

Provide examples of situations when your supervisor did not communicate well, and explain the problems and/or conflicts that arose within your department or organization as a result


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